Sunday, 3 December 2017

Cider Flagon with the name Henry Chiles

A couple of interesting finds sent in by our friend Diana Bone. Diane has also done some great research regarding these finds which we have listed below.

My first search was Kelly's Directory and I have one for Hfd for 1930/31 = no result. Then onto Historical Directories
where I found:
Jakeman & Carver's Directory of Herefordshire, 1890 - Henry Chiles, Innkeeper, "No. 10", 142 Widemarsh Street, Hereford
Kelly's Directory of Herefordshire, 1885 - Henry Chiles, "No. Ten", Widemarsh Street, Hereford  - under Ale & Porter Merchants and Agents. Also under Wine & Spirit Merchants.
By 1895 "No. Ten" 142 Widemarsh Street (PH) is occupied by Humphrey Owens. It seems to be on the corner of Maylord Street and next to The Guildhall. On the other corner of Maylor Street is the Midlands Railway Co's Goods and Parcels Receiving Office.
From Kelly's Directory of Herefordshire & Shropshire, 1895. [Part 1: Herefordshire]
If the 10 on the jar was the "house number" then at some time it got changed to 142. (We know that Mill Street was renumbered at some point too.)
Deaths Jun 1890 Chiles  Henry  Aged 52  Hereford  6a 295
1881 Census     13 Eign Street, (The  Barrels), Hereford All Sts, Herefordshire 
Henry Chiles               43 Widower abt 1838 born Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales Head    Licensed Victualler
Thomas Chiles              6  abt 1875 born Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire, Wales Son   Scholar
John Chiles                   5  abt 1876 born  Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire, Wales Son  Scholar
Frances S. Lake         25 Unmarried abt 1857 born Fritwell, Oxfordshire, England Servant   Barmaid
Emma Williams           26 Unmarried abt 1855 born Bredwardine, Hereford, England Servant  General Servant, Domestic
Marriages Mar 1870 
Chiles  Henry    Aberystwith  11b 79   
Lewis  Jane     Aberystwith  11b 79  
Deaths Dec 1879  Chiles  Jane  39  Hereford  6a 335
Births Sep 1874   Chiles  Thomas Henry    Aberystwith  11b 57
1871 Census    New Street, Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire, Wales  
Jane Chiles 30 Married abt 1841 born Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire, Wales   Wife Publican
Elizabeth Chiles 26 Unmarried abt 1845 born Henley {Tenby?), Pembrokeshire, Wales  Sister Barmaid
(No sign of Henry here)
Post Office Directory of Monmouthshire & South Wales, 1871
Henry Chiles, New Street Vaults, New Street, Aberystwyth.
1851 Census     Green Hill, Tenby, Pembrokeshire
Ann Childs  40  Mar b Lampeter, Pembs. Wife
John Childs  15  Unm b Tenby Son  Gardener
Henry Childs  13   b Tenby Son  Scholar
George Childs   9   b do Son  do
Jane Childs  6   b do Daut  do
Elizabeth Childs  5   b do Daut  do
Benjamin Lewis  70   b. Crayne Lodger  Scavenger

Many Thanks Diana Bone for pics and information..


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