Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hereford River Carnival


Unfortunately we have very little information  regarding the Hereford River Carnival. Started in the 1960s it run through to 1973. The carnival was organised by the City Council to follow on from the Belmont Plate which was an amateur race for tub fours. This was run in the day whilst the River Carnival was run on the same evening, usually late summer. Lots of local companies had entries. Bulmers, Smart & Brown, Painters, Denco etc...
The Hereford Silver Band played and families turned out and lined the banks. Kids, water and darkness was a recipe for disaster but we don’t think there ever was one. All this was followed by the fireworks display on the Castle Green.

Many Thanks to John Baker, Bob Snowzell and John Ruck for the great pics.

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