Monday, 18 January 2010

The Cock Of Tupsley.

The "Cock of Tupsley" well the site as it was before the pub ws built.This old black and white Farmhouse was demolished in 1965 due to the cost of renovation and the land subsequently sold to the Banks Brewery.

The farmhouse belonged to Jonathan Eaton's Grandmother who owned the property and who has kindly donated this picture.There is a large Horse Chestnut tree at the back of the farmhouse on the picture which can still be seen today.The view as is as you would look at the pub now,as in-fronting Hampton Dean Road and the side of Ledbury Road.
Very many thanks to Jonathan Eaton.

Monday, 11 January 2010

The Other Black & White House.

Thought it would be a good idea to put this on now, as it seems to be the talking point at the moment.This picture belongs to my dad "Wally" pictured at the very back, who at the time was Foreman on the project.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Millbrook Street 1938.

In 1938, many of the residents of Milbrook Street, as part of a slum clearance programme, were moved to the College Estate. This is a group photo taken just before the move.
In this photo: Mrs Collard, Ivy Bridges, Dolly James, Grace Bryan, Earthie Ascot, Colin Mince, Jean Eversham, Joanie Eversham, Audrey Hancox, Mrs Lamputt, Roy Williams, John Jones, Heather Ascot, Maxie Daw, John Rogers, Brian Sockett, Bessie Jones, Derek Bryan, Brian Bridges, Jackie Eversham, Nancy Roberts, Tommy James, Frankie Eversham, Raymond Sockett, Dennis (Snowy) Worth, Joey Lamputt, Violet Perkins, Donald Skyrme, Wilf Davies, Tony Hunt, Marilyn Marshall, Ivy Jones, Gerry Skyrme, Mrs Marshall, Glenda Hodges, Graham Perkins, George Jones, Pearl Smith, Joyce Bryan, Betty Lynes, Mrs. Sockett, Mabel Hancock, Trevor Sockett, Barry Hancock, Margaret Colburn, Winnie Needham, Doreen Wilkes, Nora Jones, Minnie Clarke, Daisy Colburn

Very many thanks to Kelvin Skyrme for the picture.
Any information please contact

Monday, 4 January 2010

Hereford Constabulary

A couple of rare pictures from the days of the "Hereford Constabulary" kindly donated to us by

"Pam & Glyn Harris" who's Grandfather PC Albert Harris was a member at that time. The top picture is of their Grandfather, PC Albert Harris and a colleague outside the police station in Goal Street on their police horses. Their Grandfather is the one on the left of the picture. I am unable to name his colleague. Police in those days were also attached to the local fire brigade and their grandfather was there when the Market Hall went on fire in the early part of the last century and also attended the terrible fire at the Kemble Theatre in Broad Street when a number of children lost their lives and others were seriously hurt. One of the children injured was his own daughter.
The bottom pic is of the "Hereford City Police Force" in 1922, and their names.
Names of the police force are:-
Back Row, P.C James, P.C Price, PC Wall, P.C Saunders, PC Penry, P.C Johnson (Asst Clerk) P.C.Preece
Next Row, P.C Bromage, P.C.Lewis, P.C Arthur Morris, P.C. F.Davies, P.C.Cousins, P.C.Roberts, P.C.Everall,
P.C.Dawe, P.C.Smith, P.C.Stephens
Next Row, P.C.Harris, P.C.H.Davies, P.C.Stroud, P.C.Burgess, P.C.Spencer, P.C.Albert Morris, P.C.Good,
P.C.F.Bromage, P.C.Bird, P.C.Hirons.
Next Row, Det Con Hall, Sgt Niblett, Sgt Daffurn, Insp Price, Coun M.C.Oatfield J.P. (Mayor & Chairman of Watch
Committee), Chief Con Rawson, Insp Munn, Sgt Edwards, Sgt Hadley, Sgt Wheatley D.C.M, (Chief Clerk)
Det Insp Hoskins.