Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Christmas in Hereford. Part Two

Following on from our Christmas in Hereford part one pictures, we now have the pleasure of posting part two of this wonderful collection  taken by our good friend Jon Simpson.

                                       Taken from Victoria Bridge via a foggy park footpath.

                                                   Old Market Hereford looking festive.
                                         Old Market Hereford in case you were wondering

                                               Coming and going on Newmarket Street
                                                                   Loving the light

                                                High Town looking good for Christmas.
                                                                      Broad Street.
                                                                        Offa Street.
                                                     A great moon over the Memorial.
                                                              Chilly on Castle Green.
                                                        Reflecting on Castle Pool.
George Cornwall Lewis outside the impressively stately Shirehall.
All pictures copyright; Jon Simpson

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Christmas in Hereford 2016, Part One

Not exactly old pics but these stunning pics of Hereford taken at night by our friend Jon Simpson may be of interest to all our Herefordian exiles out there. These pics appeared on our Facebook page in December 2016 and have created lots of interest and comments. The figures speak for themselves with over 110,000 views 1.7k likes and over 720 shares.
A very big THANK YOU to Jon Simpson for sharing these stunning pics with us.
They are here now for future reference for those of you who wish to view them in the future.

All photos Copyright Jon Simpson

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Hereford Floods 1968.

                  Here is a selection of wonderful pics of the Herefordshire floods from 1968.
                 A very special thank you to Gary Phillips for sharing these unseen pics with us.
                                                        Jan 1968 flood - St Martins

                                                               Jan 1968 Wye Flood
                                                          Looking towards Hunderton.
Below the walls of the General Hospital.
The Wye Bridge.
Many Thanks
Gary Phillips

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Historic Hereford 1940-1963

From GIs dancing in High Town in 1942 and on into the New Elizabethan era: this is a true celebration of the city of Hereford from the austere 1940s right into the 'swinging' sixties.
Please take a look at this fantastic footage. There is some great colour footage at about the half way mark.
Please click on this link to view the footage...