Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Christmas in Hereford. Part Two

Following on from our Christmas in Hereford part one pictures, we now have the pleasure of posting part two of this wonderful collection  taken by our good friend Jon Simpson.

                                       Taken from Victoria Bridge via a foggy park footpath.

                                                   Old Market Hereford looking festive.
                                         Old Market Hereford in case you were wondering

                                               Coming and going on Newmarket Street
                                                                   Loving the light

                                                High Town looking good for Christmas.
                                                                      Broad Street.
                                                                        Offa Street.
                                                     A great moon over the Memorial.
                                                              Chilly on Castle Green.
                                                        Reflecting on Castle Pool.
George Cornwall Lewis outside the impressively stately Shirehall.
All pictures copyright; Jon Simpson

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