Friday, 30 December 2011

Hereford United "Vice Pesidents Club" 1971

With the reopening of the Hereford United Starlite Rooms tonight, thought it would be a good time to show these old pics from 1971 of the then new Vice Presidents Club.These pics are from the clubs brochure for election to the Football League in 1971. Many thanks to John Goulding for the pics.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Made in Hereford

A couple of old Cider Flagons from Hereford's past.The flagons were found many years ago by an old lady who lived in Mill Street, Hereford. They were found in her cellar and given to Diana Bone who has kindly photographed them for us.
These vessels were used all the time many years ago when a lot Ale Houses would have brewed there own beers and ciders.Its quite difficult to put a date on them but they are probably from around 1890-1910 time.
We have managed to find a little information on the Henry Chiles Flagon from
Jakeman & Carver's Directory of Herefordshire, 1890 - Henry Chiles, Innkeeper, "No. 10", 142 Widemarsh Street, Hereford
Kelly's Directory of Herefordshire, 1885 - Henry Chiles, "No. Ten", Widemarsh Street, Hereford - under Ale & Porter Merchants and Agents. Also under Wine & Spirit Merchants.
By 1895 "No. Ten" 142 Widemarsh Street (PH) is occupied by Humphrey Owens. It seems to be on the corner of Maylord Street and next to The Guildhall. On the other corner of Maylord Street is the Midlands Railway Co's Goods and Parcels Receiving Office.
From Kelly's Directory of Herefordshire & Shropshire, 1895. [Part 1: Herefordshire]
If the 10 on the jar was the "house number" then at some time it got changed to 142. (We know that Mill Street was renumbered at some point too.)

Very Many Thanks to Diana Bone and her brother John Ruck for all there help with this story.

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Sunday, 25 September 2011

King Street Hereford.

Here we have a great old pic of "King Street" with what looks like "The May Fair"possible taken in the 1940s.The grand building on the right was known as "The Residence" one of Hereford's finest buildings at the time.Unfortunately it was pulled down in the early 1960s to make way for what is known today as "Thorpe House".

Pic; Phil Watts

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Old House 1873

This is a lovely old picture of "The Old House" in Hereford's High Town thought to have been taken about 1873.The picture shows 2 local business's in the old building "Oatfield's Hardware Store" and "Fletcher the Fishmongers". The property was one time part of a row of business's know as "Butcher's Row" which was demolished at the beginning of the 19th century.The picture has other local interest as the young boy standing with his father on the left Mr. Matthew C. Oatfield Snr was later to become in 1921 the 541st Mayor of Hereford, Mr. Matthew Curnow Oatfield Jr.The lady standing next to them is Jane (Poole) who was later married to Mr. Oatfield Snr.
Many Thanks to Mr David Hall for information and picture.
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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hereford Postcards 1900s

Four lovely old Postcards from around 1900.
The first postcard shows the "Victoria Suspension Footbridge" opened in 1897 in celebration to mark the Royal Diamond Jubilee.
The second postcard shows the "Castle Green" with the "Nelson Memorial" centre and some of its many flowerbeds witch adorned it in those days.
Postcard number three shows the "River Wye" running south though the city passing the "Bishops Meadow" on under the "Victoria Suspension Footbridge" and then on past the "King George's Playing Fields".
Finally postcard number four shows the"Cathedral" from south of the river on the "Bishop's Meadow".

Many Thanks to Mrs Diana Bone for sending in the pics.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Old Wye Bridge, Hereford.

Taken about 1900 this lovely old picture shows The Old Wye Bridge at Hereford.The scene is not too dissimilar to the one we see today. The Bridge and Cathedral obviously still here and the south bank much the same minus the boats. The houses to the left of the bridge remain, but are partially hidden these days by overgrown vegetation on the riverbanks.The building directly behind the bridge was replaced by Sully's Garage, not many years after this picture was taken and later went on to became Mead & Thomkin's.The latter was replaced by the Left Bank Village, opened in 2000 by Dr Albert and Monique Heijn, and was described as a showcase for Hereford. The couple eventually sold the business in 2007. Unfortunately it has not had the best of luck since then and is currently lying empty once again after it went into receivership in December 2010.

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Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Bricklayers Arms.

The "Bricklayers Arms" date's back to the mid 1850s and probably looked a lot different when it first became a public house back then.The pub looks much the same on the outside these days as it did here in the 1980s but the inside has radically changed from the old Bar/Lounge format that was popular many years ago. Some years ago the pub changed hands and became the "Jolly Roger"with a huge refit which included a bar built in the style of a pirate ship.At the same time a brewery was installed at the rear of the property and is still there today.These days the pub is known as the "Victory" and is home to the "Hereford Brewery".

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Herefordshire Regiment.

A dispatch from the "War Office" sent to Pte (Acting L/Cpl) Frederick Adams of the "Herefordshire Regiment" for distinguished services in the field during the War of 1914-1918.
Soldiers who are mentioned in dispatches, whilst not awarded a medal, receive a certificate and are entitled to wear a decoration. For 1914-18 and up to 10th August 1920, the decoration consisted of a spray of oak leaves in bronze.
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