Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Bricklayers Arms.

The "Bricklayers Arms" date's back to the mid 1850s and probably looked a lot different when it first became a public house back then.The pub looks much the same on the outside these days as it did here in the 1980s but the inside has radically changed from the old Bar/Lounge format that was popular many years ago. Some years ago the pub changed hands and became the "Jolly Roger"with a huge refit which included a bar built in the style of a pirate ship.At the same time a brewery was installed at the rear of the property and is still there today.These days the pub is known as the "Victory" and is home to the "Hereford Brewery".

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Sogno said...

Fond memories of Bryn and Vi Preece who ran the 'Brickie' for many years. Bryn was an ex-Royal Marine and my brother (a serving RM) and I and friends enjoyed many a lock in!!