Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Old Wye Bridge, Hereford.

Taken about 1900 this lovely old picture shows The Old Wye Bridge at Hereford.The scene is not too dissimilar to the one we see today. The Bridge and Cathedral obviously still here and the south bank much the same minus the boats. The houses to the left of the bridge remain, but are partially hidden these days by overgrown vegetation on the riverbanks.The building directly behind the bridge was replaced by Sully's Garage, not many years after this picture was taken and later went on to became Mead & Thomkin's.The latter was replaced by the Left Bank Village, opened in 2000 by Dr Albert and Monique Heijn, and was described as a showcase for Hereford. The couple eventually sold the business in 2007. Unfortunately it has not had the best of luck since then and is currently lying empty once again after it went into receivership in December 2010.

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