Saturday, 9 January 2010

Millbrook Street 1938.

In 1938, many of the residents of Milbrook Street, as part of a slum clearance programme, were moved to the College Estate. This is a group photo taken just before the move.
In this photo: Mrs Collard, Ivy Bridges, Dolly James, Grace Bryan, Earthie Ascot, Colin Mince, Jean Eversham, Joanie Eversham, Audrey Hancox, Mrs Lamputt, Roy Williams, John Jones, Heather Ascot, Maxie Daw, John Rogers, Brian Sockett, Bessie Jones, Derek Bryan, Brian Bridges, Jackie Eversham, Nancy Roberts, Tommy James, Frankie Eversham, Raymond Sockett, Dennis (Snowy) Worth, Joey Lamputt, Violet Perkins, Donald Skyrme, Wilf Davies, Tony Hunt, Marilyn Marshall, Ivy Jones, Gerry Skyrme, Mrs Marshall, Glenda Hodges, Graham Perkins, George Jones, Pearl Smith, Joyce Bryan, Betty Lynes, Mrs. Sockett, Mabel Hancock, Trevor Sockett, Barry Hancock, Margaret Colburn, Winnie Needham, Doreen Wilkes, Nora Jones, Minnie Clarke, Daisy Colburn

Very many thanks to Kelvin Skyrme for the picture.
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