Friday, 17 July 2009

Mott The Hoople/Edgar Street 1971.

Hereford United Football Club Monday 30th August 1971 and local band "Mott the Hoople" are top of the bill for this rare concert staged at "Hereford United's"Edgar Street ground. Although the band had not reached there peak "All The Young Dudes" was released in 1972, they still managed to pull a crowd of over 3ooo into the Edgar Street ground on a warm August Bank Holiday Monday in 1971.

Another local band "Karakorum" included a young musician by the name of Martin Chambers who later went on to form another successful local band "The Pretenders"

Take a look at the ticket price and on the day a massive 77 pence.My how time's have changed.

If anyone has any recollections of that day it would be great to let us know here at Old Hereford Pics.


Mike Pemberton said...

What a great day that was--at the end of their gig Martin threw his sticks into the crowd--I got one of them--and I've still got it somewhere. Mikey P

Anonymous said...

I was also there. It was a great event, although I do remember a few interruptions. For a start there were a few showers that forced the audience off the pitch a couple of times to run for cover. We also had a couple of visits from a PC, who came up to the mike to say they'd had complaints and could they tone it down. Needless to say I don't think it made much difference and the music must have been heard all around the town. Can't imagine that happening now, can you.
Andrew R.

Rob Crowley said...

I went to this gig with Dave Tomasik, the moto-cross ace & school friend. I don't recall it raining but they played "Layla" on the P. A. the first time I'd heard it.
Albert Lee & Chas Hodges (of Chas & Dave) were in Head Hands & Feet. Ace guitarist who latterly played in Clapton's band.It was a great day