Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Hereford Regatta

Early 1960s postcard image of the River Wye with "Hereford Rowing Club" in the background.It looks very much like a training session for one of the teams about to take part in the Hereford Regatta. At one time this was one of Hereford's great social events which took place every Spring Bank Holiday on the river with thousands of spectators attending every year. As you can see work on the Greyfriars Bridge had not yet started this was later completed and opened for traffic in 1966.


Anonymous said...

With the exception of the "New Bridge" this view of Hereford has changed very little, I used to walk home from the Vega along the tow-path...nearly fell in on more than one occasion!

bake said...

This is a Photograph of Whitecross School Rowing Team in the early 60,s. I think the cox is Jonathan Jones who was in the same class as me at the time.