Saturday, 21 November 2009

Castle Green Bandstand.

The short lived Castle Green Bandstand and Redcliffe Gardens situated on the lower side of the Castle Green in the early 1970s.The project was completed in 1969 and was very impressive with it's new Bandstand it's waterfall and it's large pool which was crossed by a small footbridge.
Unfortunately the waterfall and pool was never really looked after by the powers that be and was closed and filled in the 1990s.The same was to happen to the Bandstand and after years of complaints from local residents was pulled down by the authorities.
It seems such a shame the city has not bothered to replace the old Bandstand with something more in keeping with today's needs.


matt said...

I presume the bands that played there were of the Brass variety?
It was empty and covered in graffiti for as long as I can remember and used by skinheads for glue sniffing conventions in the late 70s.

Anonymous said...

The bandstand wasdemolished and waterfall and pool filled in mid 90's, not early 80's.

PN said...

What a great shame this has now gone. if they did build something new it would surly get wrecked by the kids with no respect for anything nice.

DKN said...

Once the spot of the second largest castle in Great Britain (behind Windsor) and now, nothing! Even the plinth has gone explaining to tourists what used to stand there, the powers that be always seem to downplay what a historic/great city this place is!

Anonymous said...

Some of the best times of my life was at the bandstand. Good memories.