Friday, 5 February 2010

The Hewat Pavilion.

With a name like "The Hewat Pavilion" you would expect this building to be overlooking a cricket pitch.This is not the case and is another of Hereford's long lost treasures.The houses in the background still remain today although you may not be able to get this view nowadays.
This building was opened in 1927 as an orthopaedic ward backing on to Nelson Street on the site of "The General Hospital".It was thought in those days that a open air ward was especially good for the treatment of tuberculosis and certain other ailments, so it had no front wall, only curtains to protect patients from the elements.The name Hewat Pavilion came from Mrs.Hewat who's husband was a generous supporter of the hospital and had recently passed away.


jilly43 said...

Well this building brings back some memories for me, aged 8 I went into the General Hospital, Victoria Ward to have my appendic removed. There was an outbreak of Whooping Cought in the ward and I had not had it, so was moved to Hewat Pavilion, I remember the nurses giving us stone hot water bottles and we had piles of blankets, it was February 1951. my mother was horrified to see the open front with only a curtain. The other patients were all elderly and I found them a bit scary being only 8 ! Imagine that happening now adays. It is wonderful that there is a photographic record of this building, something I never thought I would see again.

John Ruck said...

I was on this ward in 1954 with a broken leg! I learnt basket making to pass the time.