Sunday, 19 February 2012

Butter Market Hereford

The first markets on the current site were held for the October Fair in 1810.In those days the market would have sold a variety of goods including butcher's meats, poultry, fish,vegetables,butters and all the items usually sold in a market in those days.
The current market was opened in 1860 with it's iron and glass roof which still remains today but unfortunately out of site at this present time.
The market suffered a fire in 1922.
It was reopened in 1925 and the interior was reconstructed and may have had much same lay out we see it today.
The suspended ceiling was added some time in the 1980's and has not always met with the approval of Herefordian's.The market is due for refurbishment again in 2012 and it would be good if some of the original features were to be seen again.

Many Thanks;Pual Tennant and Keith Taylor for the pics.

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Timbo said...

When I was at the sixth form college I did photography as an extra curricular thing and we were given permission to go up on the scaffolding while the refubishment was going on. I'll see if I can find any of the pictures I took. that would have been around 1978.