Sunday, 15 September 2013

The River Wye, Hereford. (South of Old Bridge)

A very quiet looking Bishop's Meadow with John Douglas Hatton. circa 1890.
The Wye in flood, possibly the flood of 1899.
After the flood's August 1912.
Yet another flood.
The Hatton family taking tea in July 1894 with Parker's Steamer behind.
Lower river , near Putson.
Another early pic of Hereford in flood with the General Hospital in the background.
Only the fashion's seem to have changed.circa 1899.
A policeman on the beat in 1893.
The Hereford Lifeboat on Lifeboat Saturday launched from the Castle Green October 1908.
Another picture from Lifeboat Saturday.

This is a collection of old pics taken south of the old Wye Bridge in Hereford around the turn of the 19th century.
They have been very kindly donated to us by the Hatton Family for all to see.You may have seen some of these pics before in some of Anne Sandford's publications in the 1980s but sadly these books are no longer in print.
Once again a very big thank you to Ed Hatton for allowing us to use these wonderful pics for all to see.

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