Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Victoria Street/ Eign Street Junction

Below are a couple of never seen before pictures of the Victoria Street/ Eign Street Junction "Dean's Corner" as it was commonly  known. The pictures have been kindly sent into us by Robert Rees.
Roberts father Richard John Rees was a keen photographer and took these pictures in the early 1960s. Robert has said..
Dad would have been pleased that his work is appreciated, he would have loved to have done it professionally but work & the need to earn a steady wage got in the way, he did however enjoy it as a hobby for about 65years.
 Taken at the junction of Eign St & Victoria St. The (then) only set of traffic lights in town, oh how times have changed.

 This is from outside the Red Lion looking towards the approach to Edgar St roundabout, Steels west gate is now where the buildings on the far left stand & Deans stores would be where the slip road now comes down.

A very big Thank You to Robert Rees for sharing his fathers pictures with us. We will post more soon.
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bantal silikon said...
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Anonymous said...

than you Robert for showing your fathers old photos of hereford there amazing we are so lucky people like your father cared to capture our history.