Saturday, 10 January 2015

The County Gaol, Commercial Road.

We are very privileged to have come into the possession of  pictures of the inside and outside of the County Gaol in Commercial Street, Hereford. The pictures have been kindly sent in by our good friend Robert Rees who states. I cannot claim copyright for these photo’s, as they were leant to me many years ago by a work mate who was Chief Inspector of the Special Constabulary for Hereford
& he asked me to copy them for him.
The old County Gaol stood at St. Peter's Square until 1793 when this modern replacement was built to replace it. The goal was built on the site of St. Guthlac's Priory on (Commercial Road).
In 1902 the goal had cells for as many as 105 prisoners.During the Great War the gaol was also used as a military detention centre. In 1929 the gaol was eventually closed with male inmates being moved to Gloucester and female prisoners to Birmingham.
Entrance to gaol fronting Commercial Road
Front Door.
Inside the main hall.
The main hall leading out.
Unknown persons but they do look like they may have been in charge.
 Demolition of the old gaol.
Today the site looks very different with the old cinema and bus station occupying the site. All that remains from the original gaol are the Governors House and parts of the old walls.
 The Governor's House.
Rear of the Governors House and what used to be entrance to the public toilets.

 What is left of rear wall of the gaol.
 Front of Commercial Road with Fusion Nightclub and the now closed cinema.

A very big Thank You to Robert Rees and the invaluable information from Graham Roberts book  "The Shaping of Modern Hereford"
ISBN 1-873827-67-9

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Lionel Young said...

I can jut remember the jail.

Anonymous said...

The man in the bowler hat is George Watkins, who died shortly after from dysentery caught from the demolition of the prison. He was my father's Grandfather

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