Sunday, 1 February 2009

Coronation Day 1953 Hereford.

This is my favorite picture of Old Hereford.Coronation Day 1953 in Mortimer Road.I think this a great picture of the old industrial heart of Hereford on a very special day. Picture (P.Edwards)Can anyone tell me what is the tall building in the middle at the back of picture?Please contact me at;


Anonymous said...

I had an idea but confirmed it with my mum! Its the old coke yard. My mum used to go there with an old pram as a little girl to get coke for the fire. She said it was like a big conveyor belt. Stuff went up it + came out as coke!!

nanasal said...

My mum grew up in mortimer road and i spent a lot of my childhood there.The large building was the gas works.My grandad and uncle used to work here.My grandad and four of my cousins are actually in the picture.I was born in november of that year.How lovely to see it and thank goodness for memories!.