Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The New Hereford Theatre.

The "New Hereford Theatre" in Edgar Street as it was before it was replaced with "The Courtyard Centre".The building was was formally the "Hereford Baths" built in 1929. It was closed down when Hereford got its new Leisure Pool in the mid 1970s.The theatre was opened on 5th March 1979 as "The Nell Gwynne Theatre and Arts Centre".

This was a massive achievement by the enthusiasts and volunteer's who had set up a Charitable Trust to raise monies for the Theatre.The Theatre closed in 1984 and re-opened on 1st April 1985 as the"New Hereford Theatre".

The "Courtyard" now stands on the same site as the original building.

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Wayne Ackery said...

New Hereford Theatre known as the swimming baths it was heated by waste at the disposal unit at the back of the baths that are no longer there.