Sunday, 22 March 2009

West Country Ales (Ceramic Plaques)

The very distinctive "West Country Ales" ceramic plaques located on many Pubs around Hereford."West Country Ales" were established in 1958 when the "Stroud and Cheltenham" breweries merged.Strange as it was both breweries started brewing in 1760 hence the date on the plaques.These plaques can be seen in Herefordshire,Gloucestershire,Worcestershire,Oxfordshire,Wiltshire and even some parts of Wales.
The distingtive "castle or tower" design was first used by the "Cheltenham Brewery". After the Second World War it acquired the "Hereford and Tredegar"breweries becoming the "Cheltenham and Hereford"brewery.The original design read "Cheltenham & Hereford" where it now reads "West Country Ales.

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