Sunday, 23 August 2009

The "Hereford's" City March 1967.

The Herefordshire Light Infantry.

Some great old views of the City from 1967 when the Hereford's marched through the city's streets.

The history of the Herefordshire Light Infantry starts in 1860 with the formation of eight Rifle Volunteer Corps in Herefordshire, which were brought together as the 1st Administrative Battalion, the Herefordshire Rifle Volunteers. There were additionally, three corps of the Battalion in Radnorshire.The reforms to both the regular and volunteer elements of the Army during this period brought about the first of four name changes in 1880, when the title was altered to The Herefordshire Rifle Volunteer Corps (Hereford & Radnor).In summary, the Regiment played a significant role in the three major wars of the first half of the 20th Century. It acquitted itself at the highest level, and its reputation, as the only TA Regiment to be given the honour of becoming 'Light Infantry', is unrivalled.

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Anonymous said...

As kids - I remember we were taken out of SFX primary school in Berrington street the short trip up King Street and watched the Regiment march up Broad street - Was much better fun than learning Latin as I remember! - sadly we were marched back again soon after to resume our education