Sunday, 30 August 2009

Tupsley Hospital.

Old picture of "Tupsley Hospital"taken about 1900.The hospital was situated just off "Gorsty Lane" and known in those days as "The City of Tupsley Infectious Disease and Isolation Hospital".The hospital was opened in 1893 to house patients with infectious diseases such as Scarlet Fever,Diphtheria and Smallpox and was constructed using prefabricated iron buildings.Built at first with just 12 beds it eventually had anything up to 24 beds at any one time.In 1902 a further unit was added to treat Smallpox cases a quarter of a mile away off "Holywell Gutter Lane"Both buildings were closed down after the Second World War as the few cases that did arise were treated at the new "County Hospital".

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Anonymous said...

The actual isolation part of the hospital was situated some way from the main part and was accessed via Holywell Gutter lane off Hampton park road. It was situated in a copse and the concrete slabs where the buildings once stood are still in evidence.
Unknown 9/8