Friday, 13 July 2012

Queen Elizabeth ll in Hereford 1957

With the Queens resent visit to Hereford, thought it would be great to post this old pic from "The Hereford Times" when Queen Elizabeth visited the city on the 24th April 1957.The picture taken in Broad Street shows some of the thousands that turned out to greet the Queen on the day.

For pics of the Queens visit on the 11th July 2012, visit this great Facebook page for pics and info from the day.

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DYLANESQ said...

I was a 14 yr old CCF cadet at Hereford High School on this day and recall it well, although not totally. As best as I can recall our CCF troops lined the route between the High School on Widemarsh Street and the HFC Football pitch where Her Majesty was to tour the throng of school children gathered there. I'm not sure how but I also recall being in the stands when the open Land Rover entered, with the royal couple (?) standing in it, and very slowly encircling the pitch, waving to the excited and vociferous youngsters.