Sunday, 4 November 2012

H.P. Bulmer & Co Ltd. Old Postcards

A selection of old H.P.Bulmers Ltd postcards pre 1950s. The postcards are part of a set of 12  printed by "Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd" and show some great old scenes from the company's past.
As you can see we have 10 of the set of 12 here but if anyone could help with the other 3, please feel free to contact us at ;

or at our Facebook page ;

Many Thanks Kelvin Skyrme for finding top pic " cask filling room "


Zummi@condo for rent in taguig said...

Hi, I just take a peek and I discovered your blog. I've been looking for a post like this and I am glad that I saw your post. Thank you and keep posting.

Adrian Meaney said...

Greetings from the emerald isle. When doing a family tree I found a grandaunt who had children born in Hereford circa 1900. Her husband was listed as a Cooper. I had no idea what a Cooper might be doing in Hereford back then but now I do. So thanks for the info and images. Perhaps he was working in Bulmers.! Adrian.