Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hereford General Hospital .

Aeriel View
The busy Accident & Emergency Dept 
The Restaurant Area
A view of the cramped Hospital
The view from Nelson Street
A & E Reception Area

Hereford General Hospital was built and opened in 1783 on the banks of the River Wye. The land had been kindly donated by the Earl of Oxford.
The hospital was built due to the inadequate facilities at the previous so called infirmary at No42 Eign Street which was more along the lines of a
Cottage Hospital and far to small.
The hospital opened with 55 beds which was considerably more than been available before.
Known originally as the "General Infirmary" it had grown to 100 beds by 1887.
In 1900 it became known as "The General Hospital". In 1927 "The Hewat Pavilion" was added (see Link Below) . Some years later in1930 it had 11 wards and could cater for 150 patients.
Unfortunately the hospital became to small to cope with modern demands and with no room for expansion it was closed on 4thJuly 2002 and all services moved to "Hereford County Hospital".


Many Thanks to Richard Maldwyn Jones for pics.


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Thanks for the pics, my mom was born here in 1942.

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I was born in this hospital in 1996.